A Guide to A Traditional Pakistani Wedding!

A Guide to A Traditional Pakistani Wedding!

Traditional Pakistani Wedding

Traditional Pakistani Wedding? This is a common confusion and there’s no embarrassment in getting to know the culture. If you’re new to Pakistan or shifted recently, you’re confused about the dress code. Cool, we’ll discuss everything in this article about a typical Pakistani wedding and what you should wear.

What Do Female Guests Wear to A Pakistani Wedding?

Before we explain to you anything else you must remember that modesty is the key to Pakistani wedding attire. You must never show too much skin when you are attending a Nikkah ceremony. We suggest you wear a lehenga but not something that will overshadow the suit for newly bride.

Lehengas are pretty common in a Traditional Pakistani Wedding. It comes with intricate embroidery work along with stunning color combinations which will make you look gorgeous! Again, don’t wear something which makes you look out of place. Stick to minimal appearance.

If you are attending a close friend or relative’s wedding then a more settled choice could be sharara. You can go for different colors and designs and complement them with a beautifully designed dupatta.

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What Should A Westerner Wear To A Pakistani Wedding?

If you’re a westerner and attending a Pakistani wedding for the first time, this will be a crazy experience for you but you’re going to love it! 

Always remember to be modest when choosing an outfit to wear to a Pakistani wedding. Remember not to wear something that is too short or anything that goes way below the neck. Look for Pakistani clothes online shop and you’ll see some amazing options.

Be it male or female, don’t dress casually for a Traditional Pakistani Wedding as a sign of respect for the culture and traditions. This might sound like a lot for a simple wedding appearance but as we go along, you’ll figure it out. There are many popular Pakistani designer online stores to shop from!

If you want to wear something fancy, a saree is an option. For men, they can go with a simple sherwani. If there’s a particular dress code, then you don’t have many options to choose from than Pakistani formal pret.

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What Do Male Guests Wear To A Pakistani Wedding?

Male dressing at a Traditional Pakistani Wedding is quite simple. No complications. They usually go for a shalwar kameez, sherwani (if you’re a close friend or relative), pent shirt with a waistcoat. When nothing else works, go for a classic 3 piece suit and you’re ready! There are many colors for the suit, well, mostly for shirt.  We suggest you go for light colors and a dark coat.

If you wish to go for a full desi look, Sherwani is your call! Nothing dresses a man for a traditional Pakistani wedding than a well-tailored sherwani. Reminder: keep the embroidery light as you don’t want to look out of place.

Time to go for a Pakistani online dresses shopping! There are famous Pakistani designers online who design outfits tailored to weddings and guests. 

What Colors Can I Wear to A Pakistani Wedding?

Colour should be your biggest concern at a Traditional Pakistani Wedding. Since you already know that shades of red are specific to the wedding suits for bride and the close relatives, so you may want to avoid those. For a typical Pakistani wedding, natural colors are more appreciated other than white.

If you are in doubt that you male looks out of the place it’s better to ask your close friends what they are wearing to the event because some Pakistani events require specific colors. As for Mayon, people mostly opt for yellow. For dholki, something colorful. For barat and valima, it varies.

Why Do Pakistani Brides Wear Red?

Time to answer your mystery! What’s with the Pakistani bride suits only red. Well, it is influenced by the color itself and the representation of it. The color red attracts everyone immediately. Not only that, it’s the sign of feminine, prosperity, love, passion, power, and new beginnings. Although some brides go for different colors too, but red is partially attached to women’s bridal suits.

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What Should I Bring To A Pakistani Wedding?

Pakistani wedding invitees consider envelopes and gifts to help the couple start their newly married life. For gifts, anything under house décor, household items, and bedsheets are acceptable and appreciated for the couple. 

How Much Money Should I Put in An Envelope?

We can state a fixed amount for an invitee because it concerns many factors like how close are you and how many events are you invited for. However, if you’re only invited for the main ceremony, measure your financial capability and fix on the amount you can provide. If you’re close to the couple and the family, the range can vary from 5000 PKR to 10,000 PKR.

How Many Days Is A Pakistani Wedding?

Pakistani weddings are no less than 4-5 events and overall 5-7 days given the gap between each function. The whole wedding consists of multiple events like Mayon, dholki, mehendi, baraat, and valima. For extras, bridesmaids also throw bridal showers prior to the wedding.

What Events Should I Expect At A Pakistani Wedding?

Get ready for the list!


You will have lots of fun in these functions. It’s when the both the families applied henna and music party takes place.


Nikkah and baraat are main events in a Traditional Pakistani Wedding. This includes exchanging vows and religiously officiate the marriage. This event is hosted by bride’s family.


Valima, also called a wedding reception is an end to an amazing trail of Pakistani wedding. This function is hosted by groom’s family to celebrate the newlyweds. Follow the fashion and wear best on walima.


It’s wrap! We understand how overwhelming a traditional Pakistani wedding can be but believe us, it’s so much for fun and exciting too! We hope to have covered every aspect of Pakistani ladies suits for weddings and how should you attend the wedding. If you want to know more, stay connected. Follow our Fashion Blog For More traditional Pakistani wedding updates!

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