History and Different Eras of Pakistani Fashion And Trends 

History and Different Eras of Pakistani Fashion And Trends 

Pakistani Fashion and mughal history have strong connections. Every country has culture and fashion which play major role in their civilization and history. Talking about dressing and fashion history of Pakistan then, you see it to be most colorful. As it is a combo of several different cultures and customs. You know that different customs are also there that are merged their together to result Pakistani fashion dresses history. It’s not a recent history it is the result of several hundred of years that are playing role there to result it. History is not only history for you but it’s a guideline for you to understand what are the Pakistani fashion trends in past and how it evolved till now. History is the perfect reveal of the following things of any country

  • Culture and customs
  • Ideologies
  • Religious norms
  • Evolution faced by over time in Pakistan etc. 

History is a Perfect Representative of our Culture and Customs

Pakistani Dresses Evolution  

Pakistani geostrategic location is the main influencer of Pakistani fashion and culture. It is located at such location which makes it a connecting point of trade and civilization throughout history. It is connected to different countries at the border of different countries. Different foreign cultures are involved in Pakistani culture to make it evolve and lead to the culture that is its now represented. Major evolution in Pakistani dresses is started from Bronze Age. Firstly cotton was cultivated in Indus valley civilization era. Then this leads to start of evolution.

Eras Which Are influencers of Pakistani fashion

Different eras are considered as the influence of Pakistani trends. Each era has its own impact there. These are some major eras that play a role in Pakistani fashion clothing;

  • Mughal Era 
  • Modern Era

Mughal Era 

Mughals consolidated Islam in South Asia. Along with bringing Islam, they have also spread different cultures and arts, especially of Persians. They bought Pakistani clothing. It becomes a fusion of the traditional and cultural norms of the Mughals. Dresses that evolved from the Mughal eras are the following;

  • Salwar kameez
  • Lehnga
  • Turban
  • Churidar pajamas
  • Pishwas

Salwar kameez which is considered as the national dress of Pakistan is basically evolved from this era. The evolution of these dresses is traceable i.e., can be traced from a Mughal era of evolution. 

Salwar kameez – National Dress of Pakistani fashion 

In sub continent after origin of Islam, Muslims have evolved the Salwar kameez. The earliest known Salwar Kameez in history is considered as Anarkali salwar kameez. These are firstly used to be worn by mujra dancers. They are used to entertain the royals by these dancers. Salwar kameez tends to survive all the different eras and still occur as ever green dressing. It is paired with different type of trousers with increasing evolution like

  • Plain trousers
  • Churidar pajamas
  • Simple salwar
  • Different embroidered trousers
  • Samosa salwar 
  • Patiala salwar etc. 

These are the perfect combinations of trousers with kameez. They are by making different combinations and give both modern and traditional looks. All these are considered as Pakistani national clothing.

Modern Era 

Since 20th century Pakistani social and political trajectory has faced different paths. And these changes in social and political paths also lead to changes in clothing trends. All these lead to the occurrence of the western cultures there in Pakistani culture.  Then designers used different styles to make dresses that have both eastern and western touch. These Pakistani fashion dressing are not only popular in Pakistani but also in number of Asian countries like India etc and overseas also like in USA, UK, Canada, etc. The following are the major evolutions that are resulted from the modern era ;

  • Saree
  • Ghaghra
  • Sharara or Gharara
  • Maxi 
  • Kurti
  • Different styles of trousers to be paired in salwar kameez like cigarette pants, jeans, tights, wide-leg pants, etc.

All these are designed by designers by keeping our religious values in mind like they should not be revealing body parts etc. The main course of dressing is that they should be fully covered. To fulfill your religious needs the other most important items are 

  • Hijab
  • Burqa
  • Gowns

These are worn over any kind of dressing to feel more comfortable while going outside. The other most important part of Pakistani suits is dupatta without which dressing is incomplete. Different styles of long or short, embroidered or simply printed dupattas are worn over any kind of dressing to give it a complete and most sophisticated look. 

Final Words

All the eras, history and cultures are essential in grooming Pakistani clothing. That’s why it’s now considered as one of the most ancient and everlasting culture or history. Pakistani Fashion Blog is the brand which is always available there to provide you with best traditional dressing and modern Pakistani dressing. Our both online and offline stores are working 24/7 to provide you with services.  

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